This New Dawn

Laurel Hall Author and PoetDeal with it!  Did you ever trust someone well enough to tell them about your abuse only to have them say – “That happened so long ago.  Get over it!” People, in general, have no clue of the damage done to the soul of the victim.  Those who have not experienced sexual abuse cannot begin to understand the pain, the anger, the self-hatred victims feel.  It is difficult, if not impossible, to “get over it”.   It is why most victims don’t tell of the abuse they endured.  Others won’t understand.  For this reason it is imperative to find someone who will understand: a therapist trained in dealing with victims of sexual abuse.

I couldn’t tell anyone.  I was so ashamed and embarrassed.  The hardest and most difficult part for me to admit was that, after a while, I enjoyed the attention from my abusers.  Because I enjoyed it, in my mind, the fault was mine.  I wore a mask to hide my shame. 

Removing the mask is hard.  Even after the truth is out, most people don’t want to talk with you about your abuse.  They find it embarrassing.  Perhaps, they don’t know what to say.

Did you feel that way?  If you were abused over a period of time, did you enjoy it?

Caring for victims,

Laurel Hall