This New Dawn

Sexual Abuse Survivor/Author Laurel Hall

I don’t know if you have ever heard this person.   If we don’t deal with him, a rage can develop within us, a hate for life so deep,  that the fire within us is unquenchable.  I wrote this poem when I had incredible rage and anger inside me.  I didn’t think I could ever put out the fire, but it is out now.

Caring for victims,

Laurel Hall


Inside us

there’s a person,

just waiting

to be heard.

We never let him

speak to us,

no, not a single word.

For he may

expose feelings

we’d rather

never see,

even though

it would

help us grow




No, it’s easier

to bolt the door,


he is not there,

to walk away

and leave him

as if

we do not care.

Oh, foolish us,

why is it

we walk

in misery?

We ought to know

with “him”

locked up

we never will

be free.

                                                Copyrighted 2012 by  Laurel Hall