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Stolen Childhood - Sexual Abuse Boys

Stolen Childhood 

The Boys
Part I

Only four, so young
so trusting, so innocent.
They lived next door,
and down the street –
the neighborhood boys.
One day, a neighbor boy
asked her if she would like
to go for a walk.
Happily she said “yes”.
He led her to an old shack.
When they went inside,
other boys were there.
They took off her clothes,
and had her lie on the ground.
As others held her down,
each had their way with her,
one by one.
They all laughed.
She did not understand.
She had never felt
these sensations before.
Don’t tell your parents,
They will whip you.
It was her fault
for going with him.
Each time she went outside
the boy was waiting.
When she said “no”,
he threatened to tell her parents.
She felt trapped.
Before long,
she went willingly.