This New Dawn

Laurel Hall Author and Poet When a child has been sexually abused and tells no one, they are more likely to develop problems with behavior.  That was certainly true for me.  Problems with behavior vary from child to child.  Home life has a tremendous impact on a child’s behavior.  If the child experiences sexual abuse inside or outside the home and also endures emotional and physical abuse at home, the consequences can be devastating.

 Here is a list of some behavioral problems that can occur.  I obtained them from

 ·  A younger child may regress to bed wetting or soiling underwear.

 ·  Eating habits may change.

 ·  May withdraw from other children or become more aggressive.

 ·  Misbehave in school; motivation and concentration may suffer.

 ·  Child may become fearful, crying and clinging to parents.  Child might also avoid normal family intimacy.

 ·  Child may have physical complaints, such as headaches, stomachaches, or problems with genitals.

 ·  Child may be afraid of a particular person or place and being left alone with a particular individual.

 ·  Child may overreact to a question about someone touching them.

 ·  Child may become preoccupied with sexual conduct, words, and parts of body.

 ·  Child my try to get other children to perform sexual acts.

 ·  May be anxious about a doctor’s physical examination.

 If you notice any of the above behaviors, talk with your doctor.

 Which of the above behaviors did you experience?  How did you deal with them? How did your parents handle them?

 Caring for Victims

 Laurel Hall