This New Dawn

Laurel Hall Author and PoetThe repeated sexual abuse of a child leaves a trail of devastation filled with pain, shame, and more.  Recovery can be slow, and for some unreachable.  It depends on family relationships, the feeling of being wanted and loved as a child.  Survivors that had no family love or support will find recovery far more difficult.  Alone and lost, they struggle to survive, adrift in a sea of pain.  Many, like Emma,  feel totally abandoned.


 Who would save her,
 this tortured girl,
 a loner none understood?
 Feeling ugly inside and out,
 considering herself no good.

 There was nothing
she liked about herself’;
she felt deserted
 by family and God.

 Who would help her?
God only knows,
 And in her need
 where was her God?

                                               © 2012 Laurel Hall  

Finding a good therapist is important, one trained in working with victims of sexual abuse.  Download a FREE copy of Six Steps, my path to recovery.   May you find peace and harmony in your life.

Caring for victims,

Laurel Hall