This New Dawn


Lord, this little girl inside of me
  is longing to be free.
I hear her crying, pleading,
oh, so desperately.

She has suffered so much pain,
her anguish I can feel.
The fear, the hate, the suffering,
too real, Lord, much too real.

The tears fell hot upon her face,
they wet my own today.
Though years pass, time can’t erase
those memories away.

The child is crying out, Lord,
for one who understands,
for one to love and hold her –
to take her little hand.

Lord, take this little girl
so lonely and forlorn.
Surround her with Your love,
like a blanket, keep her warm.

Until she stops her crying, Lord,
and knows Your love is real.
Make her feel secure and safe,
at peace, at last, and healed.

From Expressions © 2012 Laurel Hall