This New Dawn

“One Soul’s Journey” is really an addendum to Providence, the story of Emma who was repeatedly abused sexually as a child beginning at the age of four and lasting over four years. The overwhelming guilt and shame she felt, feeling it was all her fault, filled her with fear that when she died she was going to Hell. Longing for His forgiveness, she searched for God for years and could not find Him. There was always a void in her heart.

As an adult, Emma attended a church retreat just for women and there she read a book “God Calling”. She thought if God spoke to these two women, perhaps He would speak to one lone woman in search of Him. She decided to follow their path. Alone, in the morning in a quiet space, Emma said her prayers and waited for God’s response, writing it in her journal. “One Soul’s Journey” is an excerpt of the responses she received along with poetry she wrote during that period.

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