This New Dawn


I hate men.
They hurt. They are cruel.
They reject me for what I am.
Are there others of you
who feel this way?
Some were kind.
Some liked me.
Some accepted me.
But, daddy, you didn’t.
You were ashamed
of your daughter’s needs,
her immaturity.
Yet, what could you expect
from an emotionally starved child?
My brothers – I felt
you and mother favored them
because they were boys.
It was so unfair.
Why were they so special?
What did they have
that I didn’t? A penis?
I worked so hard
for your approval.
And now, I hate men.
Why did you do this to me?
Fathers everywhere,
realize your daughters need you.
The manner in which you treat them
will affect their lives forevermore.
Appreciate, love and be gentle with them.
Be sure they know how special they are
because they are girls –
The mothers-to-be of future generations

From Expressions    © 2012 Laurel Hall