This New Dawn

Laurel Hall Author and Poet When I think of the suffering of children, these precious victims of abuse, I feel such deep sorrow, and I am enraged by the bastards who perpetrate such atrocities on the young. These children who have such trust in the world, believe in the goodness of people, their complete innocence, it’s too much to bear.  The pain that has been inflicted on them lasts decades and the damage it does is so difficult to undo – sometimes impossible.  The potential for a full and happy life is destroyed by the horrific acts inflicted on these young victims.

I am enraged by our society who turns the other way, who doesn’t want to know about what is happening, nor want to discuss it.  Sexual abuse is such an uncomfortable topic for many people they don’t even want to think about it. 

How do we break the silence?  How do we educate the public? How can we help the survivors?  What are your thoughts on the suffering of children, these helpless victims of abuse?  Think of your own pain.  What could someone have done to help you?

Caring for victims

Laurel Hall