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Domestic Violence refers to the use of physical force by one partner against the other. Such behavior includes any kind of assault such as hitting, pulling hair, biting, pushing, slapping, beating, stabbing, battering of any kind. Actions of this kind warrant calling the police to protect you against the abuse.

Many women that are physically abused by their partner are also emotionally and verbally abused. They think because he/she hit you once or twice that he won’t do it again. Chances are this this pattern of behavior will continue.   If you have to give up the right to express your opinion, to visit others, and to make decisions in order for your partner to quit abusing you, that is not a win for you. You are just suppressing yourself and your ideas.

Sexual abuse is considered physical abuse as well. If you are forced to have unwanted sex or be a partner to any kind of sexual behavior you consider degrading, that is sexual abuse.   A fact to consider: if your partner abuses you both physically and sexually, the greater the likelihood you are of being killed by him/her.

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