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Blog 3: Domestic Abuse/ Emotional/Verbal

When people think about domestic abuse it is likely they are thinking about abuse which finds the victim beaten and/or injured. However, just because a person isn’t injured physically does not mean they are not being badly treated. Emotional abuse, which also includes verbal abuse, can be really harmful and sometimes even more injurious than physical abuse because it slowly destroys a person’s feeling of self-worth and the freedom to be him or herself.

Name calling, blaming the other person for everything that is wrong, making them feel ashamed of whom they are, isolation from other people, intimidating the partner making them feel ‘small’, and controlling all their actions and activities are all forms of emotional abuse. Constant criticism, yelling, and ignoring activities, achievements, or ideas are additional signs of abuse.

Each type of abuse leaves its own scars, and the scars left by emotional abuse are real.  Many times the victim feels he has and is nothing without his partner, or that there is no escape from the relationship.  Help is available.

For more information go to:  http// violence abuse types signs causes effects.htm

Caring for victims,

Laurel Hall

Author of Providence, Betrayed, The Sunset Years