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What is domestic abuse/violence? Usually it is divided into four groups: Physical/sexual, Emotional/Verbal, Psychological, and Financial. When one person in a close, intimate relationship tries to control the other partner by intimidation, frightening, humiliation, isolation and more that is called domestic abuse.   These behaviors cause emotional pain to the victim. If the abuse is physical, it becomes known as domestic violence.

Such relationship behaviors happen everywhere in society. It is not limited to married couple, either heterosexual or same-sex. Abuse also happens with dating couples and those living together, but not married. Many times the victims do not realized they are being abused. They think life is the same in all families and/or relationships. The ones touched most by domestic abuse/violence are the children. Witnessing domestic abuse/violence on a daily basis teaches children this type of behavior is okay – it happens in all families. As a result, these children become the abusers or victims of abuse tomorrow. For additional information, visit

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Laurel Hall

Author Providence, Betrayed, The Sunset Years