This New Dawn

  1. Abusive Relationships

    What is an abusive relationship? How do you know if your partner is abusive? Dumb question? Most people probably are not aware of what constitutes an abusive relationship. In reading Dear Abby the other day I learned there were fifteen warning signs.   I searched the internet and found an article on Your by Wendy Kay, CPC on the "15 Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship". For anyone…Read More

  2. Domestic Abuse/Psychological

    It is difficult to admit that one is being abused by another, particularly if the abuse is psychological. The first step to stop such a relationship is to become aware and admit to the abuse. Do not ignore, condone, or pretend it doesn’t exist. Don’t be ashamed. Such abuse is not limited to race, sex, religion, rich, poor, or whatever. It can happen to anyone. Once acknowledged, help is availa…Read More