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  1. The Horror of Domestic Violence

    With the recent, unfortunate news reports regarding certain NFL players and their pending charges of domestic abuse, the issue of violence against women and children has been thrust into the limelight once again. Though these stories can be somewhat horrifying, it is important for these instances to be revealed as they get the public to once again acknowledge that these problems still exist. Unfor…Read More

  2. What Can You Do About Child Abuse?

    What Can You Do About Child Abuse?  From Safe Horizon's Child Advocacy Center If you suspect a child has been abused…. Keep calm. Tell the child you believe them. Show interest and concern. Reassure and support the child. Take action – it could save a child’s life. Report child abuse to your local or state child protective service agency, or to your neighborhood police precinct. Safe Horizo…Read More

  3. 10 Signs of Child Abuse

    From: Safe Horizon’s Child Advocacy Centers 10 Signs of Child Abuse You can become aware of child abuse by recognizing the signs. Here are 10 signs that can help. 1. Unexplained injuries. Visible signs of physical abuse may include unexplained burns or bruises in the shape of objects. You may also hear unconvincing explanations of a child’s injuries. 2. Changes in behavior. Abuse can lead to m…Read More

  4. Domestic Abuse/Financial

    The reason one person abuses another is to control the victim. Financial abuse occurs when the abuser uses money to have a tight control on his partner. He may make him/her explain every penny they spend regardless what it was for. Sometimes the victim is given an allowance and not allowed to work to earn additional spending money. Sometimes the abuser steals money from the victim or makes him be …Read More

  5. Domestic abuse/Emotional/Verbal

    Blog 3: Domestic Abuse/ Emotional/Verbal When people think about domestic abuse it is likely they are thinking about abuse which finds the victim beaten and/or injured. However, just because a person isn’t injured physically does not mean they are not being badly treated. Emotional abuse, which also includes verbal abuse, can be really harmful and sometimes even more injurious than physical abus…Read More

  6. Domestic Abuse/Psychological

    It is difficult to admit that one is being abused by another, particularly if the abuse is psychological. The first step to stop such a relationship is to become aware and admit to the abuse. Do not ignore, condone, or pretend it doesn’t exist. Don’t be ashamed. Such abuse is not limited to race, sex, religion, rich, poor, or whatever. It can happen to anyone. Once acknowledged, help is availa…Read More

  7. Domestic Violence/Physical/Sexual

    Domestic Violence refers to the use of physical force by one partner against the other. Such behavior includes any kind of assault such as hitting, pulling hair, biting, pushing, slapping, beating, stabbing, battering of any kind. Actions of this kind warrant calling the police to protect you against the abuse. Many women that are physically abused by their partner are also emotionally and verball…Read More

  8. BETRAYED, The Aftermath Of Child Abuse

    Here at This New Dawn, you'll find a great selection of books on child abuse, relationship abuse, overcoming trauma, regaining a sense of self esteem, handling feelings of guilt, and much more. All written by Laurel Hall, an adult victim and survivor of childhood abuse, these books are written with a keen understanding of the suffering that victims endure in their life. Laurel is not only an auth…Read More

  9. Domestic Abuse: What is it?

    What is domestic abuse/violence? Usually it is divided into four groups: Physical/sexual, Emotional/Verbal, Psychological, and Financial. When one person in a close, intimate relationship tries to control the other partner by intimidation, frightening, humiliation, isolation and more that is called domestic abuse.   These behaviors cause emotional pain to the victim. If the abuse is physical, it…Read More

  10. Domestic Abuse/Violence

    There has been a lot in the news lately about domestic violence. Reading the HuffPost Crime Blog September 21, 2014, I discovered some interesting facts on domestic abuse/violence.  Some may surprise you as well. Did you know almost twice as many women were killed as the result of domestic violence in the United States as soldiers were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq during the same period?   11…Read More