This New Dawn

Laurel Hall Author and PoetI have just published BETRAYED, the Aftermath of Child Abuse,  a book on the emotional and psychological pain suffered by the victims of child abuse.    It is available Amazon, Kindle, and Createspace.  There is also a correlating  workbook  for students.   Although the book is classified as fiction, it is based on composite stories of real life abuse.

The purpose for writing this book was to enlighten the public on the pain victims suffer, to tell stories of victims and of the effect abuse had on their lives.  The book discusses not only sexual abuse, but also emotional, physical and neglect,  each a unique kind of abuse.  Personality disorders, many times the result of abuse, are also covered.  At the end of the book are numerous resources for the reader to explore.

Following is a snippet on the book.

Emma Johnson suffered severely from abuse as a child.  After the Penn State scandal broke, she and her husband, Jon, were discussing the effect of abuse on its victims and how little the public understood the pain these children endured, often into their adult lives.  After much consideration, Emma decided to find eight women who had been abused as children and form a “band of sisters”, where they could reveal their deepest pain, how it affected their lives, and how they survived.  Using their narratives Emma would write a book to educate the public on the havoc such violence causes in people’s lives.  These are their stories. 

Caring for Victims

Laurel Hall