This New Dawn

Here at This New Dawn, you’ll find a great selection of books on child abuse, relationship abuse, overcoming trauma, regaining a sense of self esteem, handling feelings of guilt, and much more. All written by Laurel Hall, an adult victim and survivor of childhood abuse, these books are written with a keen understanding of the suffering that victims endure in their life. Laurel is not only an author of life-saving books, but also a huge advocate for children.

The most common and widespread form of abuse is neglect. Neglect can come in all different forms, from physical and psychological to educational and medical. Not only does this neglect present serious problems to the child’s emotional well-being, but it also affects their physical health and development, and their psychological growth and development. Laurel delves deep into the aftermath of child abuse in her book BETRAYED, The Aftermath of Child Abuse. The book follows Emma Johnson, a survivor of child abuse who is now dealing with feelings of guilt, shame, and worthlessness while working through these emotions in therapy. Emma realizes how little abuse is understood when the Penn State scandal comes to light and makes it her personal mission to education others.

The story takes Emma’s own experiences and the stories of 7 other women who have survived to tell their tales of abuse and breaks the silence to show the havoc that this type of violence can reap on people’s lives.

If you’re suffering from feelings of guilt and shame because you were abused as a child, it’s important to know you’re not alone.