This New Dawn

Laurel Hall Author and PoetDo you feel alone in a sea of pain?  Do you feel everyone else is better than you?  Do you feel you have to “earn” your right to live each day – that you are never “enough”?  You are not alone.  So many people feel the same way.  We all wear masks to cover our own feelings of inadequacy. 

What does it mean  being “enough”?  It means accepting yourself as you are, liking the person you have become, realizing you are as good as anyone else.  We all have our own gifts, strengths, weaknesses.  Discover your gifts and develop them.  Be proud of your strengths.  Competing with others in strengths which are not yours is futile.  How much better it would be if we could enjoy each other’s gifts.

Friends may not have suffered the sexual abuse you did as a child, but no one gets out of childhood without wounds and scars.  We all have them.

As an adult, do you feel “enough”?  Do you feel everyone else is “better” than you?  What are your strengths, your gifts? 

Caring for victims,

Laurel Hall