This New Dawn

Laurel Hall Author and PoetAbused.  Did you know you were being abused?  I didn’t.  I just thought all children had the same kind of home life  I did.  I didn’t realize parents loved their children  until I had my own.  The thought that parents were  there to protect their children, to teach them how to grow into healthy young adults with high self-esteem and self love never entered my mind.  When I read the ‘Golden Rule’, the part about ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ it didn’t registered.  I didn’t love myself.  How could I love my neighbor?

How did you feel?  Did you know you were being abused?  I doubt it.  About 70% of children that are abused suffer at the hands of their parents, relatives, neighbors, peers at school, people they know.  I believe we should begin as early as kindergarten to teach children what abuse it, using age appropriate language, of course.  Children should understand the role of the parent and the responsibilities of both parent and child. 

I believe the responsibility of the child is to do his best in school, to get a good education that will serve him well as an adult.  I also believe that all students enrolled in high school should be required to take parenting classes to understand what it means to be a parent and that all high schools should provide meaningful education on the topic.  The various types of abuse – emotional, physical, sexual, and neglect should be discussed completely in these classes.

Do you believe that teaching young children about abuse would be helpful.  Perhaps if they heard the teacher say  ‘a parent isn’t supposed to beat his child’ or ‘a parent should sit down and read to his child, help him with homework’ or ‘parents should not inappropriately touch their children’,  the truth will come out.  A child will not be afraid to tell a teacher he trusts what goes on in his home behind closed doors. 

Let me know what you think.

Caring for victims,

Laurel Hall