This New Dawn

 “The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is one of the most vicious crimes conceivable, a violation of mankind’s most basic duty to protect the innocent.” James T. Walsh

Meet Laurel Hall:

As an adult victim and survivor of childhood abuse, I am keenly aware of the suffering victims endure.  As such, I have become an advocate for children by writing on the various types of abuse, including elder abuse.

The most common and widespread form of abuse is neglect.  This includes physical, educational, psychological, and medical neglect.  These forms of neglect can present serious problems to the child’s emotional well-being, to his or her’s physical health, as well as to psychological growth and development.

Physical abuse includes bodily harm or injury to a child and includes such acts of aggression as jerking, biting, whipping, pulling hair, violent shaking, and more.  Where physical abuse is present home life is often angry, often with constant yelling and screaming.  Praise is rare.

Sexual abuse robs children of their childhood and creates a loss of trust and feelings of shame about their sexuality and themselves.  Professional counseling is needed to help the child regain a sense of self-esteem, handle feelings of guilt, and overcoming trauma.

Emotional abuse is the cruelest form of abuse because it cuts right to the child’s soul, to the very core of his/her image about themselves.  It affects every facet of a child’s health.  Emotional abuse leaves no broken bones, no wounds, but the scars are inside and known only to the child.

I have recently completed “The Sunset Years” which discusses issues and concerns of aging, including elder abuse.  My books are easy to read yet chock full of information on how to handle abuse, how to talk with an abused child, to knowing if an elder is being abused.  I hope you find them informative and helpful.

“Child abuse is a crime perpetrated on the innocent and the defenseless.”  Pete Domenici, former senator from New Mexico.     




It isn’t money.
It isn’t fame.
Not even education.
To love and be loved,
to know you are special;
to have a loving family,
neighbors, and friends,
folks with whom
to share laughter
and tears –
this is the
in life.

from Expressions

by Laurel Hall ©2012