This New Dawn

Every day, all around the world, children are being abused, having their childhood stolen from them. Seventy percent of all children who are abused are harmed by someone they know: a family member, friend, or relative. It is the cruelest of betrayals.

The differing types of abuse in relationships can be divided into four categories: Neglect, Physical, Sexual, and Emotional. There is a fifth category that lumps together those types of abuse that do not fit into the first four. For example -abandonment.

The symptoms of abuse can be far-reaching. Children that are abused lose all faith in others, both adults and older children. They have been robbed of their innocence, have low self-esteem, think of themselves as ‘less worthy’ than others, and have poorly developed social skills, if any. These are only a few of the side effects of abuse.

If a child does not receive help, the consequences of the abuse can last a lifetime. As a student, the child may have difficulty achieving academically, have trouble developing friendships, display inappropriate anger and aggression, suffer from depressions, and become suicidal. As an adult he may suffer from a rage that he cannot control and/or develop personality disorders that are difficult to recover from. He may not socially ‘fit in’ with the norms of society, become a loner, use ridicule and name calling.

Child abuse and neglect leave a trail of devastation in their wake and the costs to society can be horrific.


Who would save her,
this tortured girl,newdawn1
a loner, none understood?
Feeling ugly inside and out,
considering herself no good.
There was nothing
she liked
about herself;
she felt deserted
by family and God,
Who would help her?
God only knows;
And in her need
where was her God?